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Consistent with N.J.A.C. 6A:8-5.1(a) 1.ii , as well as, the district’s I&RS and RtI programs, High Point students are afforded the opportunity to earn credits beyond the traditional classroom setting. The High Point Virtual academy provides online and blended learning opportunities for students to pursue original credit via option II and credit recovery classes.
There are three alternate credit pathways:

1) Option II provides students with the opportunity to take courses for original credit. It is recommended that students take these course via the High Point Virtual Academy, but other providers/institution may be approved by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. All Option II courses must be aligned to and meet the proficiencies and content enumerated in the NJCCCS and CCSS. Additionally, to receive credit on their transcript student must demonstrate proficiency in the subject area via the departmental final exam or the equivalent with approval from the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

2) Credit Recovery is for students who have failed a course and/or are in loss of credit due to attendance. Students can remediate such credits via the High Point Virtual academy. Student may initiate the credit recovery process on their own in consultation with their guidance counselor or credit recovery may be a recommended intervention by the district I&RS Team.

3) Independent Study can be an academically enriching experience for both the student and the the cooperating. Independent study provides students with the opportunity to master an academic area through his/her own initiative, self- discipline, and self-reliance, while learning to what extent and in what ways he/she is in need of a teacher. For the teacher, Independent Study provides the optimum learning situation: the well-motivated, responsible student working closely with the self- sacrificing teacher who can stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the student, guide the student’s academic endeavors, and share in the student’s academic growth. Independent Study for credit is available to any student who has a sound reason for this option, provided:

● The independent study course shall not replace an existing course published in the
Course Catalog;
● The student has completed a minimum of 60 credits towards graduation;
● The student has achieved a grade of 80 or better in all prerequisite courses in the subject areas requested;
● The student has obtained written approval from his/her parent/guardian, the teacher, the guidance counselor, director of guidance and the building principal prior to beginning the independent study arrangement;
● The student must carry at least 6 courses plus Physical Education before an independent study may be considered during the regular academic school year;
● The nature of the course makes independent study feasible;
● The approved curriculum for the course will be kept on file;
● A teacher with New Jersey Certification in the subject is willing to instruct, evaluate, and grade [Pass/Fail (P/F)] an independent study arrangement.
● Students who wish to participate in an individualized internship program should see their guidance counselor. Students must be prepared to present a proposal to their counselor which will be reviewed and approved by the principal. Virtual Independent Study opportunities should be discussed with the student’s guidance counselor.
● The Independent Study can be done as a senior project. This option must be discussed with the guidance director and the principal.
● An Independent Study course will receive a P/F grade, which will be recorded on the student’s grade transcript, but will not be calculated in the GPA. Courses taken via Independent Study will be subject to the same grade reporting deadlines that apply to courses taken in the classroom.

How to Apply to for an Alternate Credit Pathway:

Submit to your guidance counselor the appropriate form linked below:
High Point Virtual Academy Option II Original Credit or Credit Recovery Courses
Independent Study


The High Point Regional High School has increased our virtual opportunities so as to more fully provide for the educational and curricular needs and desires of our students. We recognize that virtual learning is a component of an enriching 21st century education; we
have responded to the needs of our community and our students by providing for those needs. In recognition of the importance of a rigorous and rich curriculum, the High Point Regional High School Board of Education has provided funding for our students to pursue a vastly increased virtual curriculum, through our Virtual Academy, as provided through Educere. High Point teaching staff members have also endeavored to create exceptional virtual
instructional opportunities for our students which are highly recommended. The High Point Virtual Academy provides online and blended learning courses taught by certified teachers. All courses are aligned to the NJCCCS/CCCSS and meet/exceed traditional instructed High Point courses.
Recognizing that students pursuing virtual education need considerable academic and technical support, we have employed a virtual facilitator to monitor and enhance student progress. We have also provided a virtual laboratory in our media center so as to provide for the needs of our virtual students during school hours. Students interested in using the virtual lab must be registered for a virtual course and comply with all necessary rules of High Point Regional High School’s code of conduct.
The full list of Virtual Academy courses can be accessed using the following
Credit Recovery
Original Credit (Option II)

Conditions for Participation in the Virtual Academy

● Students are prohibited from dropping any currently scheduled courses so as to pursue virtual courses.
● Students applying for AP/Honors courses are to adhere to the current High Point pre-requisites. They will also be required to take the AP examination in May.
● It is the student’s responsibility to understand the course description, structure, and requirements prior to registration. Additional equipment may be necessary and is the responsibility of the student.
● Courses are designed to require a minimum of 120 hours for successful completion.
Additional hours are required for all laboratory science courses.
● Use of the media center virtual lab is a privilege and requires students to adhere to all rules and regulations of classroom conduct. Should it be determined that a student has not followed rules and regulations in the virtual laboratory, that student will be denied access to the virtual lab, although they will not be removed from their virtual course.
● Virtual courses may not meet NCAA clearinghouse requirements.
● During the registration process students must use their High Point gmail address. A
parent/guardian email address is also required.
● Students are encouraged to seek all necessary course help through the virtual provider and virtual teacher. The virtual teacher/course is accessible 24/7, so all course help should be pursued virtually.
● Students who require educational modifications will receive the full requirements according to their individualized educational plan.

Virtual Academy Fees:

● There is no cost for virtual courses that are part of an I&RS/RTI prescriptive intervention plan.
● Student seeking original Option II credits via the Virtual Academy must provide a

$200.00 deposit to be enrolled in a virtual course. This deposit will be refunded to students who earn a grade of 70 or better. Any student who does not complete a course or receives a grade lower than a 70 will be required to pay the full tuition cost listed above.

● Credit recovery courses via the High Point virtual academy taken during the summer are to be fully paid for by the student.
● Financial considerations regarding ability of the student/guardian to provide down payment will be considered on a case by case basis.

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