Medical Services


All accidents that occur in the school building, on school property, or at a school sponsored activity must be reported to the coach or activity supervisor immediately and the school nurse as soon as possible. The teacher or activity supervisor must initiate a school accident report form  within 24 hours. Upon request, insurance claim forms will be given to the student to take home; the instructions on the claim form are then to be followed by the parent. Bills are not to be sent to the school.

When an accident occurs during class, the student must notify the teacher immediately so that an accurate report can be filed. In case of a serious accident requiring medical services outside of the school, the parent will be notified immediately so that the student can be transported to the proper physician and/or hospital. Parents are urged to keep a current health information form on file at school, including emergency phone numbers.

Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance is provided by the Board of Education for all students enrolled at High Point Regional High School. Coverage is afforded for school time and supervised after school activities only. There is an opportunity to purchase optional 24 hour accident insurance at a reduced rate; the announced rate and a summary of insurance benefits will be sent to the student’s home. Benefits are paid on an excess basis; only expenses not covered by other insurance plans will be paid.

Health Testing

The following health screenings and tests will be made of students at High Point Regional High School:

Vision   Grade 10

Hearing   Grade 10

Scoliosis – Grade 11

Height, Weight and Blood Pressure – Grades 9 - 12

o Any of the above will be administered at the request of student, family or staff.


All students at High Point Regional High School shall be required to have received immunizations as mandated by the N.J. State Department of Health:

Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus: Every pupil shall have 4 doses of DT toxoids and pertussis vaccine. It is recommended that pupils who have not received any vaccine containing tetanus toxoid in ten years shall receive a booster of tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, adult type.

Poliomyelitis: Three doses of  polio vaccine.

Measles (rubeola):  Two doses of live vaccine or laboratory evidence of immunity. (One if born before 1990)

Mumps (parotitis): One dose of live vaccine or laboratory evidence of immunity.

Rubella (German measles): One doses of live vaccine or laboratory evidence of immunity.

Hepatitis B:  3 doses of Hepatitis vaccine.

Mantoux tuberculin testing

o All new students transferring from another state, country, or area of increased incidence of Tuberculosis into High Point Regional High School, without a record of such within the past six months.

Meningococcal:  One dose for students born on or after January 1, 1997.

Immunizations must be updated as needed; parents will be informed when records are incomplete.
WRITTEN statements from a physician must be sent to the school as proof of evidence when immunizations are completed. Health fairs are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year at the County Health Center. Parents are encouraged to make use of these services to update immunizations. Information can be obtained by calling the Health Center at 973-579-0570.


All students who take medicines (prescription or over the counter) during school hours must do so under the immediate supervision of the school nurse. The medication must be brought to school (in the original container) by the parent or guardian and left in the Health Office.  Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen (Tylenol and Advil), Imodium, Midol and Benadryl may be given with written permission from the parent or guardian. All other medication requires a written statement from the parent and physician giving permission to administer the prescribed medication. Special permission forms are required to permit students to carry and self administer asthma medications.  Only medication used to treat life threatening allergies and asthma may be carried and self- administered. (inhalers and Epi-pens)

Physical Examinations

The following students will be required to have physical examinations:

All 9th grade students after 8th grade graduation.

All students who wish to participate in the sports program at High Point Regional High School,

All students participating in cheerleading or the weightlifting program at High Point Regional High School,

Any student for whom physicals are warranted and/or recommended for school purposes,

All students transferring into High Point Regional High School without a record of a recent physical examination must be completed within 30 days of transfer.

Parents of students examined at High Point Regional High School shall be informed of any recommendations by the examining physician.

Procedure for Reporting to the Health Office

All students must have a pass from their teacher before reporting to the Health Office except in the case of an emergency.   Students MAY NOT report to the Health Office between periods without a pass. All students must have their ID’s to sign into the turnstile  in the Nurse’s Office.

Use of School Elevator

An elevator is available for those students whose physical condition makes it impossible to attend classes on the second floor. A written request must be made to the school nurse. Once permission is granted to use the elevator, a key may be obtained from the main office. It must be returned at the end of each school day.  Elevator key procedures are subject to change. Students will be notified of any changes.

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