Student Procedures


To ensure the safety of our students and building, students are not allowed to remain after school unless they are supervised by a teacher or coach for an extracurricular event and or receiving academic assistance from one of their subject teachers.  The first violation will result in parent notification.  Subsequent violations will result in further disciplinary action and parental involvement and may prohibit the student from exercising the privilege of staying after school in the future. Any student taking the late bus after being in a supervised activity must remain in the front hall by the Main Office until the late bus arrives. If a student is staying after school to attend an athletic event or club activity, the student must remain in a supervised area.


The cafeteria will endeavor to provide a balanced meal at a reasonable price for students who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase a meal. In addition to a hot meal, the cafeteria provides sandwiches, salads, and nutritional snacks.

Dear Parents & Guardians:

The Cafeteria program at High Point Regional High School now offers a pre-paid Point of Sale (POS) System.  Instead of paying by cash daily, you may have your prepaid cash or checks payments deposited directly into your student’s account!  

Cash will always be accepted in the cafeteria, but we encourage parents to take advantage of the convenience of pre-paying for their student’s lunch.  Think about it…no more lost lunch money…no more forgotten lunch money…no more “losing the change” to the $20 bill… Your prepaid funds will be deposited safely in trust by the High Point Regional High School Board of Education account.  There is no opportunity for lunch money to be spent anywhere but in the school cafeteria.  The Point of Sale (POS) System is available during breakfast, lunch, and study periods.

Initial deposits should be sent directly to the school cafeteria.  Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to: High Point Regional High School.  Please complete and return the deposit form below with your payment in an envelope marked “LUNCH PROGRAM.”  Although it is preferred that all students use the new debit (POS) system, cash will be accepted at all registers.  

Your student may access his/her account by using their student identification number at all cash registers.  If your child is approved for free or reduced lunch you may also submit cash, check, or money order in the amount you choose to put into their account.  You may deposit any amount of money into your student’s account.  There are no minimum or maximum requirements.

We have a secure online payment system to simplify payments directly by credit card or electronic checks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the parents’ convenience.  Visit our website for further details.

Any funds left in your child’s account at the end of the school year will be “rolled over” to the following year.   If you have any questions, you may contact the Food Service Director for Maschio’s Food Services at 973-875-3101 Extension 1246

Please visit the school’s web site ( for information about our food service program, lunch menu, and other valuable information for parents.

Unit Lunch Regulations

Students are asked to observe the basic rules of common courtesy when using the unit lunch facilities.

Running, line cutting, etc. are prohibited.  Proper manners and conduct will be maintained at all times.

Unit lunch eating areas include the cafeteria, cafeteria annex, main hall, West Gym, and Senior area. Students may also make arrangements to eat in a classroom when getting extra help from a teacher.

Student seating at tables is to be limited to the number of chairs pre-set at tables. No students are to eat on the floor.

All students sitting at a table are responsible for the condition of the area when lunch is over. Tables that repeatedly leave garbage or other messy conditions will not be permitted to remain at that table.

Students are not allowed to solicit money.

Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior will be given assigned seating and/or lunch detention.

Any student who cannot abide by these rules may be subject to removal from the cafeteria.

Cafeteria restrictions may be implemented if behavior does not improve.


The great majority of students who are involved in damage of property will do so accidentally. In such cases, the accident must be immediately reported to the teacher in charge or to an administrator.

Students who wantonly commit vandalism and who are subsequently apprehended may face immediate suspension. Readmission to school will not be considered until after restitution is made.  Students are financially responsible for any accidental or willful damage to school equipment or property.


Evacuation Drills will be conducted periodically during the school year. The signal for an evacuation drill is the ringing of the fire alarm bell. It is extremely important that evacuation drills receive serious consideration by students. Instructions for exiting the building are posted in each room. Students and staff are expected to leave the building in an orderly manner and go to the designated area for their class. Students may face disciplinary action for not following the proper procedures.


During the year students and faculty members may take special field trips. While on these trips, students are expected to adhere to the following regulations:

Prior to permission to attend field trip, student attendance, discipline, and academic records are subject for review by the administration.

Students must present a written permission form signed by a parent or guardian.

The faculty member conducting the trip will specify field trip attire.

There is to be no smoking/vaping at any time.

Students are expected to display appropriate behavior during performances.

Appreciation for a performance should be shown by clapping and not whistling or yelling.

Students must remain with their assigned group and chaperone throughout the entire trip.

Students will be subjected to a search of their belongings if deemed necessary by the administrator or teacher in charge.

     All overnight trips will require a student/parent meeting with the advisor sponsoring the trip.


Students are required to have their school ID on their person at all times during the school day. Students are required to be able to show their school ID upon request at all times. Student ID cards may be required for purchasing services in the cafeteria or checking out materials in the media center.  Students who need to replace their ID, there is a $3 cost per ID. All ID obligations must be paid for in a timely manner.


Lockers are the property of the school and will be checked at any time during the year when it is deemed to be either necessary or appropriate.

Each student will be assigned a locker during the first week of school. The locker assigned will be the student’s for the entire year. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the locker is kept neat and clean at all times.  Students are not to attach any stickers or decals on their lockers.  Students are not to write on their lockers. Malfunctions, damaged lockers and any items missing from a locker must be reported to the Main Office immediately.

Each locker is equipped with a combination lock and should be kept locked at all times. Only the student using the locker should have the combination. Students should not give their combination to anyone.  In order to safeguard personal property, the locker should be secured at all times. Additional locking devices may not be used on school lockers without administrative approval. Students are responsible for the contents of their own locker.  Sharing with other students is prohibited.  Theft from unlocked lockers cannot and will not be the responsibility of the school.

Students should lock all items in their gym locker before leaving to report to their Physical Education activity. Students are not allowed to use the athletic team room lockers for physical education class purposes.

Students must lock their hallway, Physical Education and athletic lockers at all times to safeguard their property. Theft from unlocked lockers and non-secured personal items cannot and will not be the responsibility of the school.


Students who have lost anything of value are to report such losses to the Main Office as soon as possible. Students will be asked to fill out a report form for lost or stolen items. Items found about the school should be turned in at the Main Office. Students should not bring valuable items or large sums of money to school. Students are required to lock their hall, Physical Education and athletic lockers at all times. The school cannot be responsible for stolen items.  If it is necessary to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school, there is a safe in the school for temporary storage. Students who have a need to utilize the school safe should report to the Main Office.


Students may not leave a classroom or study hall without a signed hallway pass issued by the teacher in charge. Students are required to sign into and out of the following areas using the Turnstile: Guidance, Child Study Team, Media Center, EDGE room, Nurse, and any other deemed necessary. The Turnstile will keep an account of when and how long students have accessed those areas. Students who are found to abuse pass privileges will have pass privileges taken away.  A list of such students will be on the daily attendance bulletin. Teachers are required to maintain a daily sign in and sign out sheet throughout the school year.

Traditionally, High Point has had a system of Senior Privileges. Senior Privileges are by no means automatic from year to year. At the beginning of the year, the Senior Class officers and the Administration agree on a set of Senior Privileges. Until that agreement is solidified, Senior Privileges do not exist.


Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility. Do not prop doors open or open any doors to allow anyone in the building. All students must enter the building using the appropriate entrances. All visitors must use the main entrance and report directly to the main office.  In an effort to maintain a safe learning environment, the district reserves the right to ask for and exchange ID for visitors signing into the school.

The following security procedures will be in effect for the 2019-2020 school year:

1. All students are required to have their school ID on their person during school hours. Staff members are required to have their school ID on at all times during school hours.

2. Students must present their ID badge for admittance to school sponsored events.

3. Replacement cost for ID badges is $3.00. The ID fee is subject to change pending any Administrative changes within the system

4. Upon arrival to school, all students must enter the school building using the doors located in front of the Main Office and the East Gym entrance.

5. The lower parking lot will be exclusive to senior/junior parking.  Student drivers will be prohibited to park elsewhere on campus.  The west parking lot will be used for staff parking.  In all cases, the School Resource Officer will determine parking procedures and locations. Any BOE changes effecting student driving will be communicated through the district website.


Security drills will also be conducted periodically during the school year. Students are to follow the lockdown procedures as demonstrated by the staff and administration.  Students may face disciplinary action for not following the proper procedures.


Each school district in New Jersey is required to provide a system of free, appropriate public education for eligible students. If you suspect that your child possesses an educational disability, you can discuss an evaluation by the Child Study Team with your child’s guidance counselor or contact the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services at 973-875 3101 x1223. Information can also be obtained from Project Child Find, a service of the New Jersey Department of Education, at 800 322 8174, or from the Sussex County Supervisor of Child Study at 973-579 6996.


Students wishing to be picked from school during school hours must be picked up by a parent/guardian.  Parent/guardian must come into the main office to sign their respective student out. Students may not return to school during school hours without proper documentation.


Study halls meet daily. When a study hall is scheduled anywhere in the building, students are expected to follow all classroom rules while in that study hall.  During a study hall period, students may utilize the Media Center or confer with teachers, provided the study hall supervisor is presented with a properly signed pass from a faculty member. Students must have a pre-signed pass to the study hall supervisor to be able to leave the study hall at any time.


The school telephones are for school business, school related calls and emergencies only. Students may use the phones to call a parent/guardian in case of illness or an emergency. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE CALLED FROM CLASS TO THE PHONE. Messages will be delivered only in case of an emergency.  Alternate transportation arrangements should be discussed prior to school.


Students are financially responsible for textbooks and other materials issued by the school as well as obligations accrued as a result of participation in school activities. Students are to make every effort to protect them from undue wear and damage. Students will be expected to pay for damaged or lost materials at the end of the course. If those obligations are not met, students will have their grades or transcripts held until fines are paid.


High Point Regional High School may use video surveillance equipment to monitor the safety of the school grounds.

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