Physical Education Guidelines

Medical Excuses from Physical Education

Short term medical excuses (5 school days or less):

1. A student must report directly to their PE teacher with a parent’s or physician’s note at the beginning of their PE period. The PE teacher will record the note as “unexcused” (parent’s note) or “excused” (physician’s note). The student will stay with their class and be responsible for any material covered that day.

2. A parent’s note is only valid for 2 consecutive days and no more than 3 days in a week.

3. A student may make up “unexcused” absences within a week of the absences, as arranged by the PE teacher.

4. Any “unexcused” absence that is not made up within a week of the absence will result in a 1 point deduction for each absence from the student’s final grade for the marking period.

Long term medical excuses (more than 5 school days):

1. All long term medical excuses will require a physician’s note. This note must be handed into the recording secretary before the start of the school day. The recording secretary will fill out the proper forms, assign a study hall to the student and provide the student’s PE teacher and Study Hall teacher with a copy of this note. The student should report directly to their assigned study hall*.

2. A long term medical excuse is only valid for the marking period that it was issued. If a long term note extends into another marking period (even by 1 day), a new note must be provided to the recording secretary and the procedure for recording such medicals must be repeated.

* Students who are scheduled for Health classes will report to Health.  Medical excuses do not allow students to go to study hall instead of Health.


Students on long term medical excuse extending beyond 4.5 weeks for a marking period will lose one physical education credit. The following three options have been developed to permit students the opportunity to retrieve lost credit due to extended medical leave from physical education classes.

Students will be given the following three options:

OPTION 1- Students can choose a reduction of 1.25 credits for each marking period they are not participating in physical education classes. Students must provide an updated physician’s note for each marking period they are excused from physical education classes Students must present this note to the recording secretary in the nurses’ office before the start of each marking period.

OPTION 2- Students can choose to complete one ten page report on a topic designated by their physical education teacher. This report will include: cover page, ten doubled spaced pages, and a reference page.

OPTION 3- Students can choose to complete 2 five page reports on topics designated by their physical education teacher. Each report will include: cover page, five double spaced pages, and a reference page.

Every student on long term medical leave is to report to their teacher or the department supervisor at the beginning of each marking period. Students selecting options 2 or 3 must complete the assignment prior to the end of the marking period. Failure to complete the assignment will result in loss of credit.


Lockers are the property of the school and will be checked at any time during the year when it is deemed to be either necessary or appropriate.

The Physical Education Department will issue a gym combination lock and locker, in the Physical Education Locker Rooms, to students. Students are responsible for this lock and will be required to pay for its replacement in the event that it is lost or not turned in at the end of the school year. Stolen or misplaced items are not the responsibility of the Physical Education Department.

Students should lock all items in their gym locker before leaving to report to their Physical Education activity. Items left unlocked in the locker room invite dishonest people to take them. All locker rooms will be locked by the Physical Education teachers five minutes after the bell starting the period has rung. Students are not allowed to use the athletic team room lockers for physical education class purposes.


Students who are unprepared for P.E. will be expected to participate. They will receive a 2-point deduction on their grade for the marking period for each time they are unprepared. Students who are unprepared and refuse to participate will receive the following:

1. First offense- A verbal warning and a five point deduction on their grade for the marking period.

2. Second offense- Notification sent home to the parents/guardians (phone call, email, H/PE notice) and a five point deduction on their grade for the marking period.

3. Third offense and future offenses- A teacher detention could be assigned and a five point deduction on their grade for the marking period.

Continued offenses will result in a five point reduction for each subsequent offense.


A student will be considered late for class if he/she is not in the locker room by the four minute bell and in his/her attendance squad, prepared to participate by the seven minute bell. Lateness will be reported to the Main Office. A student must participate in class that day even if the lateness prevents them from changing into their Physical Education clothes.

Aerosol Sprays

The use of aerosol spray is strictly prohibited in the locker room and gymnasium area during the school day.

Junior Health Disclaimer

The Junior Health Unit includes Family Life Education II and Current Health Issues I. Family Life Education II is a comprehensive program which seeks to provide students with an understanding of the physical, emotional and social aspects of human relationships and sexuality and how they support a healthy, active lifestyle. Students learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family. Additionally, students learn medically accurate information about both abstinence and contraception and learn the skills to enact behaviors to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy (Descriptive Statement, CCCS 2.4, 2009). The Current Health Issues Unit will provide information about various health issues in our society today. Students will acquire an awareness of agencies that are available as a source of assistance to them. All students are encouraged to discuss any material covered in the Family Life Education II and Current Health Issues Units with their parents or guardians.

High Point Regional High School’s curriculum and instruction are aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and address the elimination of discrimination by narrowing the achievement gap, by providing equity in the educational programs and by providing opportunities for students to interact positively with others regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socio-economic status.

Family Life II contains some material that is sensitive in nature. All parents are encouraged to review the curriculum and contact the school if they have any concerns or questions concerning the material being discussed.

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