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If a four year college is in your future plans, these are your…

GOT – TO’s

  1. Be sure to take the SAT by June.  The SAT is offered here at High Point on June 6th!
                      Deadline to register: May 5th
                      Register at or with the application available in guidance.
                      Test center code for High Point: 31-795
          Consider the ACT on June 13th as well.
                      Deadline: May 8th
                      Register at or with the application available in guidance.
                      See your counselor with any questions.
          ***High Point’s CEEB school code, which is required for both tests, is 311440.
  1. Plan to take the SAT again in October or November of senior year.
  1. Do several detailed college searches utilizing the links on the Guidance home page on  Visit the websites of the colleges which interest you as well.
  1. Prepare a list of schools that meet your needs.
  1. Prepare an activity resume.  Samples are available in Guidance or on our home page.

      Think about which teachers to ask for a letter of recommendation.
      Complete your senior profile sheet for your counselor’s letter or recommendation.

If you are considering a 2-year college, community college, technical or career school, enlisting in the military, or embarking on your career, these are your…

GOT – TO’s

  1. Consider taking the SAT – discuss this choice with your counselor if you are unsure.
                     (See the registration details under #1 above.)         

  2. Consider taking the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) in spring of senior year.

  3. Use Discover (the link is available on the Guidance home page on to narrow down your career choices as well as the educational and training requirements. Take the inventories, read about potential career opportunities, and explore your options!

  4. Prepare your employment resume. Samples are available in Guidance or on our home page. 



  • Check course credits and review your Academic Achievement Record (transcript).
  • Brainstorm college/career options.
  • Attend annual College Fairs 
  • Register for  PSAT.
  • Review PSAT bulletin.
  • The PSAT is recommended for all juniors and optional for sophomores. 
  • Take PSAT in October.
  • Continue college search.
  • Begin college visits, if possible.
  • Utilize vocational guidance for college & career info (videos, books, catalogues, etc...).
  • Pick up PSAT results.
  • Review PSAT results and correct items missed.
  • Check SAT/ACT deadlines. Packets are available in the uidance  office.
  • Register for SAT/ACT   for Spring of your junior year.
  • Continue to work diligently on grades.
  • Prepare for semester exams.
  • Utilize PSAT results to investigate realistic college choices.
  • Check graduation requirements and credits.
  • Write letters of request for admissions information, catalogues, etc.
  • Make sure you have registered for SAT and/or ACT  during Spring of your junior year.
  • Review transcript, credits and grades with counselor.
  • Complete course selection sheet for senior year.
  • Schedule college visits.
  • Make sure you registered for the SAT and/or ACT .
  • Investigate activities, community service, volunteer work and/or employment for summer.
  • Complete mailings to colleges requesting admissions information.
  • Continue requesting college information & applications. Most applications will be due between September and January of your senior year. 
  • Keep your counselor informed of your activities. 
  • Register for AP Exams, if applicable this year.
  • Continue to work diligently on grades.
  • Finalize course selections for your senior year. 
  • Prepare for AP Exams (if applicable).
  • Prepare for semester exams.
  • Finalize summer plans for community service/volunteer work and/or employment for summer.
  • Review college/career options.
  • Attend summer school, if needed.
  • Take SAT and /or ACT
  • Collect college applications, scholarship information, etc.
  • Check graduation requirements and credits again.
  • Brainstorm essay topics needed for some college applications and/or scholarship competitions.
  • Finalize college list.
  • Receive new GPA/Ranks to be used on college applications.
  • Check graduation credits.
  • Prepare college applications, essays and request recommendations.
  • Register with NCAA Clearinghouse if you are a candidate for college athletic scholarships.

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