Suggested Monthly Planner


  • Review college applications & their requirements.
  • Notify your counselor immediately if you discover a credit you are lacking.
  • Students athletes: File with NCAA Clearinghouse if pursuing college athletic programs.

  • Check deadlines for application submission. Review instructions for application and finalize any necessary essays.
  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers, employers and counselors.
  • Attend annual College & Career Info Fairs.
  • Research scholarships available in the guidance office, library and/or private sector. 
  • Register for SAT, ACT,  and SAT II as needed.
  • Submit applications as early as possible .
  • Review college application procedures necessary for such as essays and recommendations.
  • Visit colleges whenever possible.
  • Provide mid-year reports to counselors, if requested by your college.
  • Continue scholarship search; utilize information in the guidance office & internet.
  • Review SAT II - Subject test requirements for school(s) to which you are applying.
  •  FAFSA applications should be available in guidance during this month. You will probably need: Most recent Income Tax Return, W-2 and income records for the current year and/or other financial records.
  • Do not submit FAFSA before Jan. 1.


  • Complete FAFSA forms and file them after Jan. 2, but be sure to meet the deadline for the fall semester.
  • Do not wait to file FAFSA until you are admitted to the college. Check the application for completeness & errors to avoid delays.
  • PARENTS: File IRS returns early to determine financial aid eligibility.
  • Verify that all required forms have arrived at your colleges of choice.
  • Verify that financial aid forms have been mailed.
  • Watch the mail for college decisions.
  • Continue scholarship search.
  • Check final plans for housing at your college/university. Don't forget your deposit.
  • Make sure you turned in everything required for admissions & financial aid, i.e., medical forms.
  • Watch for award letters from colleges where you applied for aid. Respond by the deadline.
  • Make final decisions on which college to attend. Send in paperwork & deposits by the deadlines.
  • Notify other colleges where you applied, but will not attend.
  • Register for AP Tests courses.
  • Check on cap, gown & invitations for graduation.
  • Complete follow-up paperwork for admissions, housing, orientation, financial aid, medical exams, etc.
  • Request course descriptions and schedules from your college of choice.
  • Start a file of college paperwork.
  • AP tests in May.
  • Study for final exams! The final grades are sent to colleges.
  • Attend summer orientation for college registration.
  • Follow up on financial aid awards if you haven't heard anything yet.
  • Finalize summer plans for jobs, classes, etc.
  • Graduation
  • Congratulations, High School Grads!
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