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This just in:  Calliope 2014 wins First Place award from the American Scholastic Press Association!  Congratulations to last year's staff and contributors!

Welcome!  Please scroll down to have all your questions answered about all things Calliope!

Q:  Who was Calliope?
A:  In Greek mythology, Calliope was the daughter of Zeus and the muse of epic poetry.  The oldest and wisest of the muses, she is believed to have inspired Homer in his creation of The Iliad and The Odyssey.  Artistic renderings of Calliope frequently feature her with writing implements and adorned by a golden crown.

Q:  How do you pronounce her name?
A: Say it with us:  Cuh-LIE-uh-pee.

Q:  What does this goddess-like figure have to do with High Point?
A:  Calliope is our award-winning literary and arts magazine.  It is published annually by the literary and arts magazine staff here at High Point (which is comprised of several incredible students who are committed to a wide variety of artistic expression).  (It has also been whispered that the advisors - Erin Meyers and Heather Strout - closely resemble the ancient Greek heroine. :)

Q:  How do I become a member of the Calliope staff?
A:  First, make sure you have a sincere interest in art, literature, and poetry.  Next, attend a meeting!  Meetings are held EVERY OTHER Tuesday from September until December and EVERY Tuesday from January until May.  We usually have meetings in Room 215, unless otherwise noted.  They are a lot of fun AND...  we usually have food.  :)

Q:  If I become a staff member, does that mean I cannot submit my work for consideration?
A: No, staff members are more than welcome to submit their work.  They are subject to the same critiques as any other student writers.

Q:  When does the book become available?
A:  The book is typically distributed sometime between the end of May and the beginning of June.  During distribution week, you may obtain a copy during your lunch period.

Q:  How can I have my work represented in Calliope?
A:  Excellent question!  (We are so glad you asked.)  First of all, students may submit all sorts of literary work, including poetry, short stories, song lyrics, etc.  (Please note:  If you are interested in submitting artwork - pen and ink, sculpture, photography, painting, etc. - please see Ms. Meyers for assistance.)  The next step is to place your work in one of the available SUBMISSION BOXES.  (These boxes are located in Room 215, Room 244, and the library.)  Please follow these few simple rules for submission:

1)  Work(s) should be neatly typed; no hand-written submissions, please.
2)  Work(s) should contain your name.
3)  If you'd like to have a piece published anonymously, please make note of that on the page somewhere.  WE CANNOT INCLUDE WORK THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN A NAME AT THE TIME OF REVIEW.
4)  TITLE YOUR WORK!  Untitled pieces will be assigned a title by a member of our staff.
5)  We cannot return work(s), so please do not give us the only copy you have of something.

Q:  How many works may I submit?
A: You may submit as many as you would like, but only a certain amount from each author may be published.  Underclassmen are allowed a maximum of three published pieces; seniors are allowed a maximum of four.  If students are submitting both literary and artistic work, they are counted separately.  For example, a senior may POTENTIALLY have four literary works AND four pieces of artwork published in the final volume.

Q:  If I place a poem in the box, does that mean that my poem will automatically be published in Calliope?
A:  Not necessarily.  We receive HUNDREDS of submissions each year.  Obviously, we cannot publish everything.  At our meetings, we choose pieces for the publication based on the overall quality of the work.  If your work does not get chosen, please do not lose heart!  Take a second look at the piece; see where you can possibly make some improvements.  Remember, revision is a critical step of the writing process!

Q:  I have heard rumors of a "coffeehouse event" that takes place in the library each year.  Can you tell me what that is all about?
A:  Each year, to celebrate the publication of Calliope, we hold the Calliope Acoustic Open Mic/Poetry Night.  We invite students, staff, family, and community members to come join us for a very special evening of poetry, acoustic music, art, refreshments, prizes, and general good cheer.  It is typically held on the first Saturday in June from 7-10pm; there is a $5 admission charge (proceeds from which are donated to a charitable organization).  Bring a poem to share; bring a friend; bring your guitar; or simply come to listen, relax, and enjoy!

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