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American Literature

The E Pluribus Unum Project
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An Archive of Speeches from the 1850's
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Honors Major American Writers - Assumption College
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List of Artists and Photographers Image List
John James Audubon
Albert Bierstadt
George Caleb Bingham
Karl Bodmer
George Catlin
Frederic Edwin Church
Thomas Cole
Samuel Coleman Jr
John S. Copley
Asher Durnand
Alvan Fisher
Harry Fenn
Sanford R. Gifford
Eugene C. Hargrove
Winslow Homer
George Inness
Thomas Moran
Charles Wilson Peale
Benjamin West

Literature and Culture of the American 1950's

The Lyceum Reading Room
William Dean Howells, The Rise of Silas Lapham
Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Athur's Court
Hamlin Garland, Main- Travelled Roads
Frederick Douglass, A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Henry David Thoreau, Walden
Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth
Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

On Line 19th Century Texts at Other Web Sites:
"Acres of Diamonds"
African - American Mosaic Exhibition
African American perspectives
Cartoons for United States History
Crevecoeur's "Letters From An American Farmer"
Documenting the American South
The Douglass Archives of Public Address
Gilded Age Documents
Online Nineteenth Century Books and Periodicals
Labor - Management Conflict in American History
Lives of Prominent Americans
The Making of the American Archive, the University of Michigan
The Nineteenth Century Scientific American
Pioneering Women in American History
Seccession Era Editorials Project
U S Historic Documents 19th Century
Women in America

On-Line Excerpts from 19th Century Texts on the Lyceum Web
America's Superiority at the Centennial Exposition
The Autobiography of Charles Harding, a Methodist
Minister ( 1807 - 1869 )
"Boston and Boston People in 1850" by Harriet Hosmer
"Editor's Easy Chair", Harper's New Monthly Magazine
April, 1853
"Lectures on the Elevation of the Labouring Portion of the
Community" by William Ellery Channing
The Native American Mutual Protection Association :
An 1836 Questionaire
"Our First Men:" A Calendar of Wealth and Gentility
Poems Celebrating " The Mechanic"
"Rioting," The New England Galaxy, Boston, Saturday
March 21, 1835
Slavery: A Sample of Anti- Slavery arguments

Archives of American Studies Resources
The American Crossroads Project at Georgetown
The American Memory Page from the Library of Congress
Divining America: Religion and National Culture
Early America Links
The Voice of the Shuttle

Specific Online Books Revevant to History 102
Darwin, Charles The Origin of Species ( 1859 )
DuBois, W.E.B. The Souls of Black Folk ( 1910 )
Lewis, Sinclair Main Street ( 1920 )
Marx, Karl The Communist Manifesto ( 1848 )
Norris, Frank The Octopus ( 1903 )
Riis, Jacob How The Other Half Lives ( 1890 )
Smith , Adam The Wealth of Nations ( 1776 )
Turner, Frederick Jackson "The Significance of the Frontier in AmericanHistory ( 1898 )
Washington, Booker T. Up From Slavery ( 1901 )
Online Books and Journals
The Online Books Page
ALEX Online Books
Online Books by Author
Hanover College History Department
Sixties Project: Primary Document Entry Page
Columbia ILT Web Digitexts
Nineteenth Century Studies

Poet at Work - Recovered Notebooks from the Thomas Biggs Harned - Walt Whitman Collection

University of Maryland Electronic Reading Room

Art and Architecture

Ask Art.Com

Art and Architecture Links

A Digital Archive of American Architecture
Public Buildings
World's Fairs

The Great Buildings Collection

The National Gallery of Art
American Painting
American Portraits of the Late 1700's and Early 1800's
American Impressionists of the Late 1800's and Early 1900's
John Singleton Copley
Copley's Watson and the Shark
Exploring Themes in American Art
Gilbert Stuart
Gilbert Stuart Paints the First Five Presidents
Whistler, Sargent, and Tanner: Americans Abroad in the Late 1800's

The National Portrait Gallery
Hall of the Presidents Virtual Tour
"The Age of Revolution"
"Native Americans"
"The Seneca Falls Convention"
"The Amistad Case"

Resource Library Magazine
Cameos of Permanent Collections of Historic, Representional American Art

African - American History

African - American History
General Sources
Uncle Remus (1881)
Black Nationalism
Civil Rights Movement
Harlem Renaissance
History of Slavery and Slave Narratives
Biographical Links
Marcus Garvey
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King
W. E. B. DuBois

Death or Liberty Exhibition - The Library of Virginia
Resistance to the State
Gabriel's Conspiracy
Nat Turner's Rebellion
John Brown's Raid
Remembering Revolt

The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers Project
American Series
African Series
Carribbean Series
Marcus Garvey : Life and Lessons
Photo Gallery
Sound Library
African Studies Homepage

The Booker T. Washington Papers

Africans in America
Resource Bank Index
People and Events
Historical Documents
Modern Voices

Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries


The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
Documents on Slavery
Pre 18th Century Documents
18th Century Documents
19th Century Documents
20th Century Documents
Major Document Collections
The American Constitution : A Documentary Record
American Diplomacy: Multilateral Treaties and Agreements
American History: A Documentary Record 1492 - 1988
Annual Messages of the Presidents
Relations Between The United States and Native Americans

Documenting the American South
First Person Narratives of the American South
Library of Southern Literature
North American Slave Narratives
The Southern Homefront 1861 - 1865
The Church in the Southern Black Community

The Model Editions Partnership
Documentary History of the First Federal Congress
Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution and the
Bill of Rights
The Frederick Douglass Papers
Abraham Lincoln Legal Papers
Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Regents Case Summary
Marbury v Madison ( 1803 )
McCulloch v Maryland ( 1819 )
Gibbons v Ogden ( 1824 )
Gideon v Wainwright ( 1963 )
Miranda v Arizona ( 1966 )
Roe v Wade ( 1963 )
Ex Parte Milligan ( 1866 )
Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson ( 1868 )
Plessy v Ferguson ( 1896 )
Brown v Board of Education Topeka, Kansas ( 1954 )
University of California Regents v Bakke ( 1978 )
Munn v Illinois ( !877 )
In Re Debs ( 1895 )
U. S. v E C Knight ( 1895 )
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Co. v Minnesota ( 1890 )
Lochner v New York ( 1905 )
Muller v Oregon ( 1908 )
Scopes Monkey Trial ( 1925 )
Schechter Poultry Co. v U. S. ( 1935 )
Debs v U. S. ( 1919 )
Schenck v U. S. ( 1919 )
Korematsu v U. S. ( 1944 )
Rosenberg Trial ( 1951 )
Dennis v U. S. ( 1951 )
Watkins v U. S. ( 1957 )
Yates v U. S. ( 1957 )
P.A.R.C. v Commonwealth of Pa ( 1971 )

"Rebels With a Vision"
Declaration of Independence
Signers - by State
Continential Army Commander-in-Chief
Printed July 4, 1776
Printed January 1777
Engrossed August 2, 1776
Painted August 2, 1776
Wet Ink Transfer 1820
Revoutionary War Generals
U. S. Constitution
First Ladies

Sixties Project : Primary Document Archive
Winter Soldier Investigation , 1971 - Veterans Against The War
Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project
Manifesto Project
Black Panther Party
Black Student Union
Free Speech Movement
GIs United Against the War in Vietnam
May 2nd Movement
Students for a Democratic Society
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee ( SNCC )
Vietnam Veterans Against The War ( VVAW )
Young Lords Party

The World Wide School Library - North American History
Abraham Lincoln's First InauguralAddress
Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
The Adventures of Daniel Boone
Astoria by Washington Irving
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
The Crossing by Winston Churchill
Declaration of Independence
The Federalist Papers
Franklin D Roosevelt's 1st Inaugural
Gettysburg Address
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry
Henry Clay's Remarks inHouse and Senate
I Have A Dream by Martin L. King
Indian Boyhood by Charles Eastman
Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains by Charles A. Eastman
John C. Calhoun's Remarks in the Senate
John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address
Lewis and Clark First Across the Continent
The Mayflower Compact
The Moravians in Georgia 1735 - 1740
Oration at Plymouth by John Quincy Adams
The Oregon Trial by Francis Parkman Jr.
Remember the Alamo
The San Francisco Calamity
The Soul of the Indian
The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois
The Star Spangled Banner
Step by Step; or Tidy's Way to Freedom
Thomas Hart Benton's Remarks to the Senate
Thomas Jefferson
Trinity Atomic Bomb
Trinity Site: 1945 - 1995
Trinity : Project Trinity
The United States Bill of Rights
The United States Constitution
The United States Presidents' Inaugural Speeches
Webster's Seventh of March Speech, and the Secession Movement
Worldwide Effect of Nuclear War - SomePerspectives

The University of Louisville Government Publications

National Archives and Records Administration - Selected Prologue Articles
Roosevelt and His Library
LBJ Fights the White Backlash : TheRacial Politics of the 1964 Presidential Campaign
Return to Sender : U. S. Censorship of Enemy Alien Mail in World War II
The Hours before Dallas : A Recollection by President Kennedy's Fort Worth Advance Man
Grant, Babcock, and the Whiskey Ring
Abrupt Transition
New Life for the Charters of Freedom : The Story So Far
Living With The Hydra : The Documentation of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Federal Records
Nazi Gold : The Merkers Mine Treasure
Standing In for the President
"I Am Entitled To The Medal of Honor and I Want It" : Theodore Roosevelt and His Quest For Glory
Documenting the United States Naval Activities during the Spanish - American War
American Film Propaganda in Revolutionary Russia
Riding the Rails up Ppaer Montain : Researching the Role of Railroads in the National Archives
Preserving the Legacy of United States Colored Troops
Freedmen's Bureau Records : An Overview
From Slave Women to Free Women : the National Archives and Black Women's History in the Civil War Era
The Panama Canal : The African American Experience
Documenting the Struggle for Racial Equality in the Decade of the Sixties
An Archival Odyssey : the Search for Jackie Robinson
Irving Berlin : This is the Army
Civil War Records : An Introduction and Invitation
The Little Regiment : Civil War Units and Commands
Honorable Reports : Battles, Campaigns, and Shirmishes - Civil War Records and Research
War in Age of Wonder : Civil War Arms and Equipment
Women Soldiers in the Civil War
The Emancipation Proclamation : AnAct of Justice
The Sytlisitic Artistry of the Declaration of Independence
Thus Spoke Chief Seattle : The Story of an undocumented Speech
The Army Medal of Honor : The First Fifty Years
The Shady Side of the Family Tree : Civil War Union Court Martial Case Files
Which Henry Cook? A Methodology For Searching Confederate Ancestors
Civil War Records War Draft Exemptions and Enrollments
Income Tax Records of the Civil War Years
Electronic Records of Korean and Vietnam Conflict Casualties
Government Stats of US and Other Countries


American History 102 - Civil War to the Present
Hitchhiker's Highlights
The History Channel
The Jack London Collection
American Memory - National Digital Library
America Votes: Presidential Campaign Memorabilia From the Duke University Special Collection Library
The Journal of Mul;tiMedia History
Online Journals of History
American Historical Review
The Early America Review
Essays in History
History Reviews Online
Nineteenth Century Studies
Miscellaneous Sites
19th Century Scientific American Webzine
American Studies Web
Faces of Science
The Time Places
From Revolution to Reconstruction
Balch Institute of Ethnic Studies
New Deal Network

History Place - Child Labor in America - 1908-1912

Parker AP Government Links

Images of American Political History 1900 - 1950

American Rhetorical Movements Since 1900
Labor, Socialist and Progressive Era
The Industrial Workers of the World
America in the Gilded Age
The World's Columbian Exposition
Mohandas Gandhi : Man of the Millennium
Red Scare, Cold War and Anti-Communism
The Literature and Culture of theAmerican 1950's
The Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room
Civil Rights / Black Power
NAACP Online
The Nation of IslamOnline
Bobby Seale's Homepage
The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project
Culture of Protest / Vietnam
The Sixties Project
Free Speech Movement Archives
Kent State Chronology
A Visual Journey - The Photographs of Lisa Law 1965 - 1971
The Timothy Leary Homepage
The Chicago Seven Trial
The Feminist Majority Foundation - Feminist Chronicles
Timeline of the Women's Rights Movement
National Museum of Women's History
Votes for Women Pictures 1850 - 1920
Contemporary Progressive Movement
Web Active
20/20 Vision
Green Party
American Friends Service Committee
Social Democrats USA
Democratic Socialist of America
Socialist Party USA
Right Wing Movements
Militia Watchdog
Knights of the Klu Klux Klan
Institute for Historical Review
Council of Conservative Citizens
Constitution Society
Dixie Net : The League of the South Website

Who's Who in American History

America's Story : Meet Amazing Americans

American Memory - Library of Congress
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian
The New Deal Stage - Selections from the Federal Theatre Project 1935-1939
America from the Great Depression to World War II - Photographs from the FSA-OWI 1935 - 1945
Inventing Entertainment - the Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of Edison Companies
Voices From theDust Bowl - The Charles L Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection 1940 - 1941
Southern Mosaic - The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
The Great Plains 1880 - 1920 - Photographs from the Fred Hultstrand and F. A. Pazandak Photograph Collections
Sheet Music about Lincoln, Emancipation and the Civil War
Map Collections 1500 - 1999
Theodore Roosevelt - His Life and Times
By the People, For the People : Posters From the WPA 1936 - 1943
Creative Americans : Portraits by Carl Van Vechten 1932 - 1964
Poet at Work - Recovered Noteboks from the Thomas Biggs Harned Walt Whitman Collection
Abraham Lincoln Papers
Civil War Maps

Internet History Sourcebook Project

Byzantine & Medieval Links Index

Internet Anciet History Sourcebook
Studying History
Human Origins
Hellenistic World
Late Antiquity
Christian Origins

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Studying History
Early Modern World
Colonial North America
Colonial Latin America
Scientific Revolution
Enlightenment Despots
American Independence
French Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Conservative Order
19th Century Britain, France, Germany, Italy
19th Century East - West Europe
Early US - US Civil War
19th Century U S Culture
Socialism - Imperialism
WWI - Russian Revolution
Fascism - Nazism
Holocaust - WWII
Post War World - Decolonization

Mr President - Profiles of Our Nation's Leaders
The American Presidency
Hall of Presidents Virtual Tour
Portraits of the Presidents
Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years 1970 - 1974
"Doubtless as Good" Thomas Jefferson's Dream for American Wines Fulfilled
First Ladies
Washington at War
Ceremonial Court
A More Perfect Union
Space Race
Enola Gay

By Popular Demand : Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies

K - 12 TLC Guide to The American Presidency
The Presidents
The Electoral College
Writings, Speeches,Debates & Quotations
Related Literature
Lesson Plans

American Strategy
Foundations of Democracy
Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights
Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Camp Life: Civil War Collection
Robert Shaw Memorial
The Vote for Women
African American Odyssey
Baseball, the color line and Jackie Robinson
The Vote for Native Americans
From Sea to Shining Sea
Natural Wonders
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Yellowstone National Park
Cannon Survey Project
Northern Plains: 1880 - 1920
Portraits of Black Chicago: John White
Carmen Lomas Garza
Presidential Places
The Build Environment
Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
Historic Register: Detroit
The Golden Crescent: Crossroads of Georgia and Florida
Life of a City: Early Films of New York
Innovation and Invention
Science and Technology
Early Flight
Edison's Inventions: Timeline
Space Flight: John Glenn
Americans at Work
All in a day's Work: Industrial Lore
Tool Chest: Symbol and Servant
Inside an American Factory
Creativity and Culture
Alexander Calder
Walt Whitman
California Gold: Northern California Folk Music
Kennedy Center Honors

Eyewitness to History
The Ancient World
The Destruction of Pompeii, 79 AD
The Burning of Rome, 64 AD
Everyday Life in Ancient Greece
Nero Persecutes the Christians 64 AD
Alexander Defeats the Persians 331 BC
The Middle Ages and Renaissance
Invasion of England, 1066
The Murder of Thomas Beckett, 1170
Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England
Kublai Khan in Battle , 1287
The Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, 1099
The Black Death, 1348
18th Century
Passage to America, 1750
Captured by Indians, 1755
The Execution of Nathan Hale, 1776
Writing the Declaration of Independence, 1776
The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793
Civil War
Battlefield Tragedy, 1862
Carnage at Antietam, 1862
The Battle of Gettysburg,1863
Lincoln Enters Richmond, 1865
Surrender at Appomattox
The Death of John Wilkes Booth
The Death of Abraham Lincoln
The Old West
The Death of Billy the Kid
A Cowboy in Dodge City, 1882
Riding the Stage, 1861
Custer's Last Stand
Crossing the Plains, 1865
Train Robbery, 1899
Battle with the Apache, 1872
Massacre at Wounded Knee
19th Century
A Duel at Dawn
Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829
Victoria Becomes Queen, 1837
Escape from Slavery
Livingstone Discovers Victoria Falls, 1855
The Trial of Andrew Johnson
The Death of President Garfield, 1881
World War I
Battle at Gallipoli, 1915
Lawrence of Arabia, 1918
Death of an Air Ace, 1918
The Unknown Soldier Comes Home, 1921
U-Boat, 1916
Gas Attack, 1916
Assassination of An Archduke, 1914

World War II
Attack on an Arctic Convoy, 1942
Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
"Lose Lips Sink Ships"
Invasion of Normandy
Sunk by Submarine, 1944
The Nazi Occupation of Poland
Shot Down over France, 1944
A GI's Trip to London, 1944
Air Battle over London, 1940
Surviving the Atomic Attack on Hiroshima, 1945
20th Century
Payoff to the Vice President, 1971
Sinking of the Titanic, 1912
On Safari, 1909
Children at Work, 1908 - 1912
Accident at Kitty Hawk
Doomed Expedition to the South Pole, 1912
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Lindbergh Flies the Atlantic, 1927
Early Adventures with the Automobile
Images of War
Entering King Tut's Tomb, 1922
Thoughts of a President, 1945
Voices of the 20th Century - Sounds From The Past
Fire Fight, 1899
Eugene V. Debs, 1904
North Pole, 1909
Theodore Roosevelt, 1912
Charles Lindbergh, 1927
Senator Huey Long, 1935
Explosion of the Hindenburg, 1937
Great Britain Declares War Against Germany, 1939
Gas Rationing, 1942
D-Day 1944
Franklin Roosevelt, 1944
Iwo Jima 1945
Lord Haw Haw 1945
Hiroshima 1945

Jefferson Library
General U. S. History Links
Colonial Period History Links
Revoltionary Period ( 1775 - 1783 ) History Links
Early Republic Period ( 1783 - 1800 ) History Links
Early National Period ( 1800 - 1820 ) History Links
Jacksonian/ Antebellum Period ( 1820 - 1860 ) History Links


American Political Prints 1766 - 1876

Political Cartoons of the Presidential Elections 1860 - 1884
The American President - Historical Documents
General U. S. History
U. S. Presidents
Speeches and Oratory

Mr President - Profiles of Our Nation's Leaders
The American Presidency
Hall of the Presidents Virtual Tour
Portraits of the Presidents
Photographing History : Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years, 1970 - 1974
"Doubtless as Good" Thomas Jefferson's Dream for American Wines Fulfilled
First Ladies
Washington At War
Ceremonial Court
A More Perfect Union
Space Race
Enola Gay

The American Presidency : Selected Resources

The Presidential Rating Game

Presidential History Lesson Plans
The Ten Minute Press Conference
Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address
Critical Analysis Through Primary Sources: A Key Skill
First Ladies Speeches: A Women's Perspective on the Issues of the Day
"I Pledge Allegiance..." The History of the American Flag
Meeting of the Minds: Family Ties
Pamphlets of Presidential Homes
Presidential Geography: A Journey Across America
President's Children
The Presidents Speak Out ofn the Presidency
President Truman: Presidential Decision-Making on the Atomic Bomb
A Test of Liberty: Communism in Eisenhower's America
Theodore Roosevelt: Trust Buster? A Cartoon Analysis
Voting Patterns in Presidential Elections
Who Would You Carve into Mt. Rushmore?
Why Not Print More Greenbacks?
You Decide: The Iranian Hostage Crisis

The American Presidency - SiteMap
The Campaign Trial
Winning theVote
The Right to Vote
The Foundations
Defining the Presidency
The President's Job
Limits of Power
Life and Death in the White House
Life in the The White House
Life After Office
Assassination and Mourning
First Ladies
Communicating the Presidency
Consuming the Office
Teacher Materials
List of Presidents
Timeline of Candidates
Military Service of the Presidents
Audio/Video Clips


Reference Sources
General Reference Web Sites
Almanacs and Encyclopedias
Dictionaries and Thesauri
Style Manuals and Writing Guides

Teach With Movies


The Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible - Historical background of Witches in Salem 1692

Why I wrote "The Crucible" - an answer to politics by Arthur Miller

The Tryal of G.B. at a Court of Oyer and Terminer, Held in Salem, 1692 by Cotton Mather

Hysteria and Ideology in The Crucible ( 1953 )'s/crucible.html

Salem Witch Museum

The Crucible - Historical background of Witches in Salem, 1692

The Salem Witch Trials ,1692

Woman's History

Votes for Women Project Web Sites
General Site For Research
Seneca Falls Convention, " Declaration of Sentiments," July 1848
Women's Reform Movement 1848 - 1920
Constitutional Amendments, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth
Forces For and Against the Vote for Women
Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment
Library of Congress
Organizations Involved
National Women's Suffrage Association
Significant People
Susan B. Anthony
Mary McLeod Bethune
Woman's Suffrage
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